2021 Dates, Board Member Changes, COVID Plans

  • Our dates are confirmed for the 29th Annual North Country Fiber Fair; NCFF will be held Sept. 17-18-19, 2021!
  • Many thanks for the work of outgoing board members Kerry Maas, Jeri Kurtz, Hannah Hamerl, and Shaina Scott, and a hearty welcome to new board members Amy Smith, Ava Amethyst, and Annie Mullin!
  • As we continue to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic, we are hoping and planning for a physical event in 2021, yet we are also making plans for the possibility of a virtual event which could include classes and vendor promotion.

    With that in mind, Vendor Registration will open at a later date to facilitate the additional planning requirements. Look for your vendor registration postcards in late February/early March, with registration opening mid-March.

Updated email address

Just an FYI, we’ve been doing work behind the scenes as we prep for the fiber fair this fall. One of the changes you may notice is that we have a shiny new email address: info@northcountryfiberfair.org.  (But no worries! If you forget and send us email at our old address, we’ll still get it.)