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In Memory

Families of those who participate in and attend NCFF have donated tools, fiber, and many other things to the fair, allowing them to find a home where they’ll be appreciated. Thank you.

One of this year’s raffle items (a drum carder), a door prize (hand carders), and yarn milled from Kathy’s stash are part of NCFF 2023. Lots of finished and unfinished (mostly felted) items from this former NCFF board member were made available in 2022 on the free table. All were eagerly snapped up.

A note from her son:


My mother was Kathy Maddox, some of you may know of her. For those who never had the chance to meet her, allow me to introduce her.

To say Mom was 1000% committed to whatever she was into is an understatement. The other trait she had was sharing her love for what she was doing. She would help anyone get started and loved to watch them succeed.

Kathy was adopted into a family in Clark, SD, in 1941. Her new father was a dentist and put himself through dental school sewing silk ties and selling them. Her new mother was a crocheter and enjoyed needle point. Mom took up knitting.

For a long as I can remember, Mom was always knitting. She made numerous sweaters, mittens, and hats. She knitted so many items, she had surgery on both hands for joint damage. In 1987 we ventured into the llama raising business and Mom’s enthusiasm for fiber was born. She was a member of the fiber fair and initiated the llama show at the NCFF event. She and my father celebrated their 40th anniversary at the fiber fair.

We hope those who received some of her projects and those who receive a raffled item enjoy them as much as Mom did.

Thank you,
Randy Maddox
Redfield, SD