Demonstration Proposal

Thank you for submitting a demonstration proposal! Guidelines are as follows:

  • Demonstration slots are half an hour.
  • Demos will be going on between the following hours: Saturday 9:30 am-4:30 pm and Sunday 9:30 am-3:30 pm.
  • Demos don’t have to fill the whole time slot themselves, you can repeat the demo several times and answer questions, but demonstrators must be actively engaging visitors for the entire half an hour.
  • Demonstrations can also include help sessions, like a half hour of crochet or knitting assistance, where visitors can bring questions or problems they’d like help with. 
  • Please be specific about what type of demonstration you want to do if there are multiple ways to do it. Unacceptable description: spinning, weaving; acceptable: wheel spinning, drop spindle, table loom, inkle loom, etc.
  • Demos must relate to fiber arts.
  • Independent pattern designers are welcome to do a trunk show, with physical examples of their patterns available for visitors to see and touch. 
  • Activities are welcome as well, especially if they engage kids. If your activity requires materials, please include an estimate of how many and how much those materials might cost per person, so we can make an informed decision on costs and whether or not to include this activity.
  • All demos will take place in the demo/winding station space in the vendors showcase room. You must be able to set up in 5-10 minutes before your demo begins. If you’re a vendor, you’ll need someone to cover your booth for the duration of the demo.
  • Demonstrators and activity coordinators will be paid $20 per demonstration at the end of the fair. Designers holding trunk shows will not be paid.
  • Demonstrators will be notified by May 15th if a proposal has been accepted.
  • Have an idea not mentioned that you think would be interesting to demonstrate? Ask!