When Knitting Goes Wrong: Fixing Mistakes

  • Instructor: Cori Eichelberger
  • Time: Saturday, 9:00–12:00 (3 hours)
  • Location: Classroom 1
  • Class fee: $45
  • Materials fee: None. A large handout of resources and instructions for each kind of fix is provided.
  • Class size: min 3/max 15
  • Minimum age: 18
  • Skill level: Advanced beginner to intermediate. Students must know how to knit, purl, cast on, and bind off.



Learn how to fix the most common mistakes that face knitters. Students in this class will knit a small swatch with mistakes included. (I’ll provide instructions and it’s easy.) We will work together following an instruction sheet to address each type of problem: tinking, frogging, changing purls to knits and vice versa many rows down, dropping stitches down and laddering back up, removing extra YOs, picking up stitches 4 rows down to rip more quickly, fixing mis-crossed cables rows below, duplicate stitches, neat edges, placing lifelines, and more.

The feedback I’ve received is that this is the best class some knitters have ever taken. You can up your knitting game when you’re confident about your fixing skills.

Students should bring an extra knitting needle (US size 2, 3, or 4, any length); a crochet hook (G, H, or I works best); scrap yarn; and a finished homework swatch.

Homework: An instruction sheet for the swatch will be emailed to members of the class before the event.