Knitting Socks from the Toe Up, Part 1


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We will be doing two things in this class: 1) knitting a miniature toe-up sock, so that participants can experience all the parts of toe-up sock knitting; and 2) using our foot measurements, knitting gauge, and math to work out the recipe for knitting socks to fit our feet.

Students will leave the class with a miniature toe-up sock and a personal recipe for knitting their own full-sized toe-up socks.

Please note: this is a six-hour class, with an hour break from 4 to 5 pm.

Instructor:Kerry Maas
Location:Classroom B
Date & Time:Friday, Sept. 20, 1-4 and 5-8 pm
Minimum number of students:2
Maximum number of students:5
Minimum age to register for class:
Skill level needed for class:Intermediate. Students must be able to knit on double-pointed needles (or some equivalent used for small-circumference knitting), be familiar with short rows (we will use two different kinds), and know how to do the crochet provisional cast on and make-one (M1) increases.
Materials provided by the instructor:
Supplies to bring and homework:
  • 1 yard of waste yarn (preferably not feltable wool) close to the same size as the main yarn
  • 5 yards of yarn in a size between fingering and worsted weight
  • A set of needles that work best with the chosen yarn
  • A crochet hook sized to work with that yarn


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