Expanding the Life of a Sweater with Visible Mending


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In this era of fast fashion, mending your clothes is an act of rebellion. Visible mending extends that rebellion by showcasing your mends as colorful, creative additions to the original garment. This three hour class is a hands-on tutorial in harnessing your creativity to mend holes in sweaters, socks, and other knit garments. Participants will learn how to prep the area that requires mending and then decide upon the appropriate technique to employ. Participants will practice the woven patch, knitting a patch onto a garment, and a few key embroidery stitches that work magic on sweaters.

Instructor:Kimberly Langley
Location:Classroom E
Date & Time:Friday, Sept. 20, 5-8 pm
Minimum number of students:3
Maximum number of students:20
Minimum age to register for class:12
Skill level needed for class:No prior experience required.
Materials provided by the instructor:I have squares of woolen material (an old sweater, cut up) with holes added. These are used for practicing techniques. I also have additional yarn, in case a student did not bring the correct weight of yarn. Each student receives a handout that details the techniques.
Supplies to bring and homework:
  • 2 or 3 hand or machine (commercial) knit items that require a mend
  • Small amounts of yarn in various weights (fingering, lace, dk, etc) in various matching and contrasting colors
  • Tapestry needle (or several needles of various sizes)
  • Scissors
  • Knitting needles: 2.5mm or smaller, dpn or circular
  • Knitting needles: size one step down from size used to knit object to be mended, dpn or circular
  • Coiless safety pins/pear shaped pins
  • Old magazine or newspaper
  • A light bulb (pear shaped variety) or a darning egg/darning mushroom


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