Acid Dyeing

  • Instructor: Elizabeth Fox
  • Time: Saturday, 9:00–12:00 (3 hours)
  • Location: Kitchen
  • Class fee: $45
  • Materials fee: $25. A full-sized skein may be purchased for an additional $9.50.
  • Class size: min 1/max 10
  • Skill level: No specific skills are needed.



Each student will dye 9 mini skeins with a combination of primary colors to see how the dyes interact to create new colors. A further 1–2 mini skeins of a contrasting fiber will also be dyed to experiment with how the same dyes react with different fibers. In addition, students may choose to dye a full skein for an extra fee. All fibers will be protein (animal) fibers.

We will employ the dyebath method of dyeing wool, using acid dyes from Dharma Trading to create a color wheel of wool with primary and secondary colors.

The materials fee includes 11 mini skeins of wool of sock weight; dyes; and all equipment needed to dye in a dyebath. A handout, gloves, and masks will be provided. Note that masks will be worn when chemicals are used to protect the lungs from citric acid and dye powder.

Students should wear either clothes that can be stained or a waterproof apron.