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Fiber Competitions

The North Country Fiber Fair Board thanks the Brookings Fiberworks Guild and the Crossthreads Fiber Guild for sponsoring these awards.

People’s Choice Award

Given to those entries judged by fairgoers to be the best of show in two categories:

  • Finished items: one award — $25
  • Handspun skeins: one award — $25

Kay Cheever Award of Excellence

Given to those entries judged by a panel from the Brookings Fiberworks Guild to be the best of show in two categories:

  • Finished items: one award — $50
  • Handspun skeins: one award — $35

Finished items must be an original design by the entrant.

About Kay Cheever

Kay Cheever’s passion was elevating everyday life through fiber arts. These awards celebrate unique creative works, expressed in fiber with excellent workmanship.

Kay was instrumental in founding the fiber arts guilds in South Dakota. In the 1980s, she and other fiber enthusiasts started meeting in Brookings. From this simple beginning, the Brookings Fiberworks Guild, the Crossthreads Guild, and the Prairie Fiber Arts Guild were created. Kay, who had a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Georgia, was a wonderful fiber artist and writer. She passed away in 2002 but her legacy lives on.

Marty Davidsohn Award for Exceptional Fiber Works/Arts

The entries for this award will be judged by a panel of members from the Crossthreads Fiber Guild as best works in two categories:

  • Finished Project: one award — $50
  • Handspun Skein: one award — $35

About Marty Davidsohn

Marty Davidsohn was a long-time supporter in the fiber arts world through helping the organization of local fiber art guilds, groups focusing on spinning and weaving, retreats, and for many years she was active in North Country Fiber Fair. She loved to share the fiber arts with others and help them develop and fine tune their skills. Through her travels around the world she enjoyed exploring new places and making new friends; many times bringing back examples and the skills of fiber arts she visited. The influence of the places Marty had traveled or classes she had taken to expand her knowledge always led to projects that reflected what she learned and enthusiasm to share with others.

This award was inspired by Marty’s unique skills and willingness to try something new, as well as her patience and calm demeanor when approached with a challenge. There were many times you could see Marty sitting with others just starting out on a new wheel, loom, or knitting needles and a knotty mess of yarn; her encouraging words to not give up and suggestions on what to do next were always welcome. Marty passed in 2021, but her influence will live on.

Details for all competitions:

  • Entry deadline is 10 am on Saturday.
  • People’s choice voting will be Saturday from 10 am to 4:30 pm.
  • Winners will be announced during the Saturday Evening Social.
  • All items must be handmade and must have been completed after the previous NCFF.
  • Entries must be made of at least 50% natural fiber.
  • Entry form must be attached to object, preferably to a lower corner if item is hung.
  • Items should be ready for display.
  • An entry form needs to be filled out for each item entered and can be picked up at the information booth.
  • The NCFF Board reserves the right to refuse items that do not meet the requirements of the competition.
  • All entries must remain on display until noon on Sunday. Please make arrangements to have your item(s) picked up or mailed to you at your own expense if you are unable to pick them up in person.
  • Please check each award for additional specific requirements.

NCFF assumes no liability or responsibility for entries that are lost, stolen, or damaged.