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Warping a Floor Loom

Instructor: Lyla Agius

Does warping a loom scare you? This is a hands-on class to learn how to fully “dress a loom.” Each student will help measure the warp, put it on the loom, and get it “dressed” for weaving. This class is for anyone who is interested in setting up a loom.

Please note: this is a six-hour class with an hour break at 4.

Minimum number of students: 2

Maximum number: 4

Skill level: Beginner, or a weaver who is interested in a warping refresher. No previous weaving experience required.

Minimum age: 18

Notes: Materials and handouts are included. Participants should bring a notepad and a pen/pencil for taking notes.

Friday, September 15
1:00 pm — 8:00 pm

Classroom B

Price: $120

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