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Perfecting Your Weaving Selvages

Instructor: Lyla Agius

Are your weaving selvages not as straight as you would like, or are you having trouble with them? Learn some of my tricks to help you maintain good straight selvages, and learn why changing a weave structure or yarn can change the selvage edge. Students will gain a better understanding of how the warp and weft interlace with each other and how not to fight the weaving process.

Participants must provide their own loom, warped and ready to weave. Rigid heddle and harness looms are both welcome. Students must also bring their own weaving supplies: shuttles, yarn, hooks—whatever is necessary for their loom.

Harness looms should be threaded in a twill weave of the student’s choice. I will e-mail students more information. Wear comfortable shoes if you are using a table loom.

Minimum number of students: 2

Maximum number: 10

Minimum age: 16

Notes: Sample yarn packets can be purchased for $5-10 for students to try various yarn weights.

Saturday, September 16
9:00 am — 11:00 am

Classroom B

Price: $40

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