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Fiber Speed-Dating for Producers, Buyers, and Processors

Instructor: Annie Mullin

Let’s get all the fiber animal raisers and the folks who buy or process those fibers in the same room to talk one-on-one with no interruptions to share information.

This event is for:

  • Farmers raising fiber animals (sheep, alpaca, goats, rabbits, silkworms – you name it!)
  • Farmers growing plant fibers (flax, hemp, cotton, bamboo, etc.)
  • Farmers growing plants for natural dyes
  • Buyers who buy any of the above from farmers to process and then sell
  • Processors (often mills) who process the raw materials into a value-added product that the farmers or buyers can sell
  • Anyone interested in the work to make our own fibershed for the region

Even if your work schedule as a buyer or processor is full for the foreseeable future or if you aren’t quite to the point of having fiber to sell yet, please attend so that everyone can learn of your existence! It won’t be a long event, just an hour or so (depending on the number of attendees), and will provide a good point of contact for everyone.

Bring specific information as handouts, if available, and definitely bring business cards with contact information (or include it on the handout). For example, a mill should bring a complete price list for processing fiber into yarn. A farmer could make a list of what specific breeds of sheep they raise. A handout is nice to have, rather than just referring to your website (even if that info is there) because then people can take notes as you talk with each other. I’m happy to print handouts at the info table if you send me the file.

All attendees will receive an organic cotton reusable tote from Coteau Community Market, the sponsor for this event. Meat (or seeds and oils) and fiber both need to be sold for farmers to keep doing it. We need to work on our local fibershed along with local food.

NB: Ticket price is per person, not per business or farm.

Maximum number: 100

Minimum age: 18

Friday, September 15
7:00 pm — 8:30 pm

Classroom 2

Price: $5

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