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Creative Blending Board Techniques

Instructor: Lisa Wonderly

Use a blending board to make one-of-a-kind rolags, a woolen type method for preparing wools and fibers so that they can be handspun into yarn.

There are dozens of different ways to hand-spin yarns and achieve certain effects in a finished yarn: creative yarns, lock-spun yarn, tail-spun yarn, fractal-spun yarns, self-striping yarns, ombre/faded color yarns, the list goes on. Part of how to get your hand-spun yarn to have certain effects or to look a certain way begins with how you prepare your fiber. Using a blending board is just one of many ways you can achieve your hand-spun yarn goals. I will help you learn how you can take multiple different colors, textures, and elements and blend them together in ways that will help you create specific types of handspun yarns.

We will go over safety at the beginning of class. Blending boards have many fine metal teeth on the blending cloth (aka carding cloth). Being aware of where your hands and fingers are at all times with any type of fiber processing equipment is always necessary. Also while blending it is important to always be aware of the amount of pressure you are using while applying the wool and fiber onto the board.

Minimum number of students: 3

Maximum number: 10

Minimum age: 12

Notes: Registration includes a $40 materials fee for an eight ounce blending pack for the class (I will have several color options available), plus there will be more wools, fibers, add-ins, and some locks for students to pick from.

Supplies needed: Students should bring blending boards, dowels, and flicker brushes to class if they have them. I have a couple extra as well and will have one or two brand new boards available for purchase with me. If you would like to order a blending board before the class, please do so before August 18.

Friday, September 15
5:00 pm — 8:00 pm


Price: $100

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