2021 NCFF Class Proposals

Planning is now under way for classes to be offered at the North Country Fiber Fair, which because of the pandemic will again be a virtual event. We very much hope that you will submit a class proposal.

We will be using the Zoom platform and will be having class sessions for three weekends—Saturday and Sunday mornings and afternoons—beginning September 18-19. We hope that you have become familiar with Zoom in the past year and will consider whether you can tailor the teaching of your fiber art to that method of instruction.

As in previous years, we are looking for new ideas for classes in addition to ones that have worked well in the past. We define fiber arts broadly at NCFF: for example, paper, pine needles, wire, basketry, needlework, and Viking knitting all fit under our class umbrella. Class proposals may focus on beginning or unique skills, or on unusual methods in a wide variety of craft forms.

Because this will be a virtual event, we have made a few changes:

  1. All classes will be either 3 or 6 hours in length. Students will, as before, pay
    $15 per class hour, of which the instructor will receive half. That is, each
    student will pay $45 for a 3-hour class, of which the instructor will receive
  2. If you have not taught a virtual class and need advice or to run through the process, we can arrange a time to work out any kinks. Please indicate your
    needs at the end of the proposal form. A moderator will be available during
    your class to provide assistance.
  3. Please be explicit in your proposal about all materials that students must
    prepare for your class. If you wish to provide a kit, include the cost of the kit
    and postage in your proposal. It will be up to you to arrange delivery of kits to
    the students at least a week prior to the class to ensure all supplies arrive on
    time. Reimbursement for the mailed materials will be included with the
    payment for your class.
  4. Our students always appreciate getting handouts. These can be included in your
    kits or emailed to students prior to the class.
  5. We hope to have no more than two classes being taught at any one time, so
    please provide us with multiple days and times you will be available.

Please submit up to two class proposals per form by April 15; to submit additional class proposals, please submit additional forms. We will let you know by May 1 if your class has been chosen for our 2021 virtual fair. If you have any questions, please contact the board at 605-956-7909.


Thank you for your support of North Country Fiber Fair.

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