Board Update from 6/25/2017

The board met on 6/25/2017. Things to note include:

  1. Booklets are being distributed.
  2. Class registration (online) opens 6/27. Watch our social media accounts for when it’s officially open.
  3. Merchandise sales (online) also open 6/27. Watch our social media accounts for when it’s officially open.


Board Update from 4/9/2017

The board met on 4/9/2017. Things to note include:

  1. Just a reminder to vendors and other potential advertisers, that ads (AND ad graphics) need to be placed by June 15 to have your ad in the booklet. To purchase ad space you can order online or through snail mail (ad info on 2nd page).
  2. Vendor spaces are almost full. Please don’t delay in registering if you plan to vend with us this year – ordering online is the quickest way.
  3. Booklets and Class registration are expected to be ready around the end of June or early July. You’ll be able to pick one up in the usual spots, or request some.


Board Update from 2/19/2017

The board met on 2/19/2017. Highlights from the meeting include:

  1. The Craft Alongs are posted. We’ll have a Completed Items Craft Along and a Spin Along to whet your appetite for NCFF. These aren’t competitions. But we’d love for you to enter them into the competition and the fashion show! (More details to come on the competition and fashion show.)  Pattern suggestions are posted in our ravelry group.  Use the tags #NCFF25th and #NCFF2017 in social media when you share your progress so everyone can see your work and cheer you on!
  2. Vendor registration is in full swing. There are still some spots left, get yours soon!
  3. If you’d like bookmarks, posters or booklets, let us know by filling out our request form.