Board Update from 11/19/2017

The Board met on 11/19/2017. We have officially started planning for North Country Fiber Fair 2018!

  • Just a reminder that our 2018 date is the 3rd weekend of SeptemberSeptember 14-16, 2018
  • The 2018 NCFF Event Animal from the logo is the Angora Goat, producer of lovely mohair
  • Our Class Theme is Nordic Fiber Arts (requests for teaching proposals will be sent out in January)
  • WE HAVE NCFF CALENDARS FOR SALE!!! $7.50 per calendar includes shipping to your door. Check out the NCFF Shop
  • Social media hashtags for the event will be: #NorthCountryFiberFair2018 and #NCFF2018.  If you wish to tag/ping us, our social media accounts are
    • Facebook: @North Country Fiber Fair
    • Twitter: @NCFiber
    • Instagram: @northcountryfiberfair

Board Update from 6/25/2017

The board met on 6/25/2017. Things to note include:

  1. Booklets are being distributed.
  2. Class registration (online) opens 6/27. Watch our social media accounts for when it’s officially open.
  3. Merchandise sales (online) also open 6/27. Watch our social media accounts for when it’s officially open.


Board Update from 4/9/2017

The board met on 4/9/2017. Things to note include:

  1. Just a reminder to vendors and other potential advertisers, that ads (AND ad graphics) need to be placed by June 15 to have your ad in the booklet. To purchase ad space you can order online or through snail mail (ad info on 2nd page).
  2. Vendor spaces are almost full. Please don’t delay in registering if you plan to vend with us this year – ordering online is the quickest way.
  3. Booklets and Class registration are expected to be ready around the end of June or early July. You’ll be able to pick one up in the usual spots, or request some.