About Us

The North Country Fiber Fair is an organization dedicated to expanding opportunities for fiber producers and consumers as well as education in all aspects of fiber production, arts, and marketing. We are registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in South Dakota.

The mission of the North Country Fiber Fair is to host an annual event, on the 3rd weekend of September, that provides educational and marketing opportunities for producers, fiber artists and consumers of natural fibers.


Elizabeth Fox                        Brookings, SD

Catherine Gjerdingen         Watertown, SD

Kathleen Grady                    Brookings, SD

Hannah Hamerl                   Sioux Falls, SD

Jeri Kurtz                               Brookings, SD

Julie Leibold                         Brookings, SD

Kari Mertz                             Brookings, SD

Kerry Maas                            Brookings, SD

Katie Mogen                          Twin Brooks, SD

Jessie Nesseim                     Sioux Falls, SD

Shaina Scott                          Sioux Falls, SD

Marta Telkamp                    Britton, SD