2019 review and 2020 dates!

Thank you to all who filled out event evaluations for 2019! They were reviewed and discussed, including, but not limited to:

  • Requests for merchandise options.  Our discussions included NCFF Lanyards, canvas bag options, different styles and fits for t-shirts
  • Requests asking for animals and the barn space to return in 2020.   After our review, we determined that we want to continue the board’s focus on the events in the expo buildings and will not rent the barn space.  We will continue to evaluate the barn space on an annual basis.  We are also evaluating options for the Raw Fleece sale.   

Dates for our next event are September 18-20, 2020 (Classes only on the 18th, vendors are open the 19th & 20th). 

2020 Vendor Registration will be live at the end of January! We have received some inquiries already and we are thrilled with the number of vendors who want to be a part of our event! Watch for the announcement on Facebook or subscribe to email updates on our website.

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