Special Happenings

Fiber Circle

Join us for conversation, crafting and relaxation.



David is a well-known and respected restorer of spinning wheels in the Twin Cities. He restores and repairs spinning wheels and can help you with your spinning wheel problems.

David plans to bring some examples of his craft and will be available to answer the questions concerning repairs or restorations. He will also bring samples and photos that will answer questions you may have about how wheels should work. He can do minor repairs on site. If he can’t fix your wheel at the festival, he is able to repair it at his home.

David will be available during vendor hours Saturday. He will be available Sunday until 2:00 pm.


Billabong Border Collies Sheep Dog Demonstrations

Tracy Kobberdahl has been training dogs professionally for over 25 years. Her kennel is Billabong Border Collies, where she trains border collies to herd sheep and cattle. In her demonstrations she will explain the “how to’s” of herding and training a herding dog from puppy to fully trained adult. She will talk about her training, which uses the interaction of the dog’s body language; the sheep’s flocking instinct; and her own body language, words and whistles to have the dog do what she intends. Tracy will make people laugh and understand what herding is all about!


See Saturday & Sunday’s schedules for demo times.


Browse through raw fleeces available for sale in the barn area only. Please feel free to bring your skirted fleece to sell.
Fleeces should be marked with:

  • Owner’s Name
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Price
  • Type of Wool

NCFF does not guarantee any fleeces. All sales are between the buyer and seller. Fleece table is not monitored.

Free Demonstrations
Have you ever wondered how hard it is to spin? Or wanted to try felting? Demonstrations will be ongoing.
Check the Information Booth for the Demonstration schedule. Information will be posted each day.



Fiber Animal Exhibits
We encourage anyone who would like to exhibit their animals to bring them to the fair. Please fill out the form on the NCFF website, so that we know you are coming.

All animals must have the necessary health papers specified by SD Livestock Regulations. See regulations at: https://aib.sd.gov/imports.html It is your responsibility to have the appropriate paperwork required for your animals to be a part of NCFF. You must also have liability insurance on these animals.

Camelids, Sheep & Goats: Pens are provided on dirt floor. You must provide bedding.
Rabbits: You must provide cage(s) and bedding.
Dogs: You must provide kennels. All dogs must be on a leash when out of kennel. If dogs are not used to being kenneled, then they must be on a leash at all times.

If exhibit animals are also for sale, please have this information available:

  • Type or Breed
  • Owner’s Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Price

All sales are between the buyer and the seller. NCFF is not responsible for animals or fibers.